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Seunghwan Ji
(b. 1993)

Seunghwan Ji
is a designer born in Seoul(KR) and based in Eindhoven(NL). He understands his identity not as an unchanging individual, but as a ‘dividual’ which can be divided and express various characteristics. Ji explores the relationship within his own  identities and within contemporary society and culture. Ji interprets the questions and thoughts based on reflection on his identities to design, by borrowing creative techniques used in various art fields. Therefore, his designs come out as self-portraits made through various materials and media. As a member of society and also an entity , design is not only a defence mechanism against the society, but also a medium to understand society, inspired by observations (in particular) of other’s defence mechanisms. In the process of translating narratives into objects, Ji researches and works through playful conceptual works and insightful reversals of everpresent norms.


_MA Contextual Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands 2020-2021
_BFA Metalwork & Jewelry, Kookmin University, South Korea 2013-2018
_FabAcademyDiploma Principles and Applications of Digital Fabrication, FabFoundation 2018


_2023 ‘A Bite of Void’ -Dutch Design Week 2023, Albert van Abbehuis, Eindhoven, NL
_2023 ‘OBJECT Rotterdam 2023’ -HAKA-gebouw, Rotterdam, NL
_2023 ‘New Year’s Group Exibition’ -Priveekollektie Gallery, Heusden, NL

_2022 ‘Next to the Wood Workshop’ -Dutch Design Week 2022, Microlab, Eindhoven, NL
_2022 ‘Ways to see a spinning top’ -Dutch Design Week 2022, Plan_B, Eindhoven, NL
_2022 ‘Oxymoron Atelier’ -Piet Hein Eek Designer Expo, Eindhoven, NL
_2022 ‘The Instant Noodle Repair Cafe’ -Rahlstiege, Vienna, Austira
_2022 ‘Certosa Initiative’ -Certosa District, Milan, Italy
_2022 ‘OBJECT Rotterdam 2022’ -HAKA-gebouw, Rotterdam, NL

_2021Design Academy Graduation Show 2021’ -Beursgebouw, Eindhoven, NL

_2020 Dutch Design Week - Online Exhibition
_2020 ‘Stigmergy: Learning from Ants’ -Design Museum Den Bosch, Den Bosch, NL

_2018 Group show ‘2018 Young Designer Challenge’-DDP, Seoul, KR
_2018 ‘2018 Craft Trend Fair’-COEX, Seoul, KR
_2018 Graduation Show ‘Highlight’-Kookmin University, Seoul, KR
_2018 Graduation Show ‘Hand’-KCDF Gallery, Seoul, KR

_2017 ‘Maker Faire Seoul’-Seoul Innovation Park, Seoul, KR
_2017 ‘Euljiro Light Way’-DDP, Seoul, KR
_2017 Group Show ‘Living Object Design’-Kookmin University, Seoul, KR
_2017Karim Rashid’(Intern designer at Analogiam) -Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, KR
_2017 Group Show ‘Entities’-Historic properties, Halifax, NS, CA
_2017 Group Show‘Dialect’-NSCAD Port campus, Halifax, NS, CA

_2016 ‘Design Connected’ -Kookmin Univ. Design Department, Seoul, KR

_2015 ‘Open FabLab 2016’-MMCA, Seoul, KR