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Personas born from Virus

Mocumentary Film
This film is based on the designer’s personal experience during the COVID-19 situation. Breaking the continuity of their own life into 4 different times and situations, they demonstrate how the pandemic has produced multiple and distinctly separate projections of their identity. These multiple selves each repre- sent a different phase of their own quarantine. Using the format of a zoom call between these multiple selves, the film demonstrates the designers process into understanding how the situation has affected our sense of identity during extended periods of isolation.

Against the backdrop of the increasing ambiguity and absurdity of a diverse modern society, the narcis- sism and defense-mechanisms that individuals express are identified in their relationship with the technologies we use on a daily basis. In this work, the designer defines their identity as existing within a multiplicity upon reflection on the many identities they have experienced throughout their life. As an individual belonging to a society, they undergo many encounters with their own identity as part of a modern society and situation. Using various forms of digital and physical mediums in their process, the work demonstrates an urgency toward showing the ways in which our identities change over time. As part of this project, the designer situates these shifts within the frame of the Covid situation in order to demonstrate the huge impact it has had on the world but also on us as individuals. Through designing objects that reveal their own shifts in identity, the project provides space and time for audiences to observe the subtle or evident changes they too might have experienced during their own periods of isolation.